Diamondbacks News

Arbitration Offered to LaRoche and Heilman

By Scott Allen

Ever the continuing surprising Arizona Diamondbacks, today they offered first baseman Adam Laroche and pitcher Aaron Heilman arbitration.  Not altogether surprised about Heilman.  A little so on Laroche.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the D'backs declined the option for 2011 on Laroche.  Now, they've offered arbitration to Laroche.  I wonder what the angle is?  Compensation if they lose him?  Probably.  We'll see.  Amazing to me they think though Laroche has value enough to go through arbitration, possibly staying with the team, but if not the Dbacks want something in return for losing him.  From a business standpoint, I sort of get that.

As far as Heilman goes, I don't know what his asking price is, but if I'm the arbitrator, I side with the D'backs and whatever they are offering.  In July, I would have sided with Heilman, but his value took a huge dip in my book over the last couple of months of the season.

Just when you thought you wouldn't hear from those two again...