Diamondbacks News

Upton Probably Still Here on Opening Day

By Scott Allen

For what it’s worth, the Arizona Diamondbacks came out today and said they are most likely going to have outfielder Justin Upton on their roster come opening day.  So what was all the trade talk about?  It certainly has seemed to die down the past few days, so maybe it was all a bluff?

We’ll see.  At this point the news I get from the D’backs both baffles me and surprises me.  I never expected Upton to be part of any trade, at least not this year.  If the D’backs intent was to motivate Upton and send him a message by allowing the rumors to swirl around baseball, then why not go out with the same intent with everyone else?  While the D’backs have said no one is untouchable, Upton has seemed to be the only guy with the hot rumors over the past couple of weeks.

Sure, there was all the talk about Stephen Drew, but it wasn’t as noisy as the talk about Upton.  As I like to always say, stay tuned.