Diamondbacks News

NL West Teams Making Moves, D’backs Quiet for Now

By Scott Allen

The Colorado Rockies signed Troy Tulowitzki to a $134 million extension.  The Dodgers reportedly are going to sign away Juan Uribe from the San Francisco Giants.  Today, the Dodgers dealt Ryan Theriot to the St. Louis Cardinals.  The Arizona Diamondbacks?  Nothing, at least this week.

Now, D'backs free-agents are making some news.  I read today that the Boston Red Sox may be interested in Adam Laroche.  Very interesting pick up that would be.  However, I think what we are seeing now is the start of the trading and free agency frenzy we usually see at the end of November and beginning of December.  It just so happens that a lot of the movement is in the NL West right now.

That the NL West teams are all making moves in itself should not be a reason for the D'backs to make a move.  Then, all you are doing is making a move to make a move.  Some of the early pickups off the waiver wire for the D'backs do seem like that's what was going on.  Now, the D'backs must pick and choose their battles in free agency and with their trade bait.  However, let's not hope they wait so long there are no fish left in the sea for them.  Improvement must be sought, not just a new roster.