Diamondbacks News

All Quiet on D’backs Front

By Scott Allen

My free-agent bucket list is either still standing in free-agency or rumored to be going somewhere else or has already signed elsewhere.  The Arizona Diamondbacks seem to be content doing nothing, and if you are Peter Gammons, you are getting what you predicted would happen.

Here is what we know so far:

Adam Dunn - even though I know there was no way he was coming back to the D'backs, a part of me still would have loved to have his power numbers from last season.  He signed with the Chicago White Sox.

Paul Konerko - the D'backs have said they didn't plan to pursue him.  Now it looks like he is due to return back to the Windy City.

Mariano Rivera - sure, we all knew he was going to go back to the New York Yankees, however even the Boston Red Sox made a move on him.  It would have been nice to see the D'backs at least try.  Age means nothing to him.

Adam Laroche - I still don't know why the D'backs didn't try harder to keep him?  He declined the D'backs offer of arbitration and has opted for free-agency.  Same with Aaron Heilman.  I'm not too broken up about losing Heilman, but he was the best of the worst last season in that miserable bullpen.

Justin Upton - seems as if the talk has all but died on him being traded.  I wouldn't rule out a mid-season move on Upton if things go south the first couple of months in 2011, but for now, look for him on the opening day roster.

As of right now though, the D'backs are content doing nothing, which for them, is status quo.  They did nothing in 2010, why should the off-season be any different?