Diamondbacks News

Reaction to Ron Santo Passing

By Scott Allen

I usually reserve my thoughts on here for the Arizona Diamondbacks, however I would be remiss if I didn’t speak briefly on my thoughts about the passing of Chicago Cubs broadcaster and former third baseman, the great Ron Santo, who passed away here in Arizona last evening. The Cubbies were my team growing up and this is a tough loss for Cubs fans and baseball fans in general.

Santo, who for most of his adult life, fought a plethora of illnesses, was the Chicago Cubs.  He loved the game that failed to properly recognize him with a Hall of Fame induction during his lifetime.  He loved the Cubs.  He loved the Cubs fans and fans in general.  I was never lucky enough to meet the man in person, but from the sounds of it, I certainly missed out.

Santo, who spent his playing career at the hot corner for the Cubs and has been a Cubs radio broadcaster since 1990.  He was as personable as you could find in the majors or anywhere around the game of baseball.  His playing days may have ended in 1974, however everyday since Cubs fans have been trying to campaign for his inclusion into the HOF.

His number 10 retired in 2003, Santo will see another chance to be inducted in 2012.  I hope he gets in, however it will be a shame he will never have been able to be there in person.  His spirit will live on within the Cubs organization forever.  Come this spring here in Mesa, his absence will be noticed.  He loved his fans in Chicago and in Arizona.  If Ernie Banks is Mr. Cub, Ron Santo was Mr. Cubbie.  You can’t talk about Santo and not talk about the Cubs and their trials and tribulations over the past five decades.

Thank you Mr. Santo for giving us so many years representing the Cubs and baseball in the only way you knew how, with dignity, pride, and a smile on your face.  Rest in Peace.