Diamondbacks News

NL West Competition Just Got A Little Easier

By Scott Allen

Sources say one of the best first basemen in Major League Baseball has left the NL West, the San Diego Padres more specifically, and taken his talents to Boston.  That man, Adrian Gonzalez.  All I can say is, see ya!  I'm sure I speak for NL West fans and teams all over and say we won't miss you.

The Arizona Diamondbacks should be especially thankful this morning about this news.  Gonzalez has tormented D'backs pitching over the years.  He has hit a boat load of home runs against the D'backs at Chase Field.  Gonzalez right now in my opinion was the best first baseman in the division, at least from an offensive standpoint.  From an offensive standpoint, he was one of the best offensively all together in the division.

I'm also not going to miss Gonzalez for another reason.  His mouth.  This past summer when Arizona passed the controversial Senate Bill 1070, Gonzalez came out and said he would not come to the All-Star game in Phoenix next July if this bill was allowed to become law.  I'm fine with that.  Stay away.  Anyone who boycott's Arizona for this bill clearly has the right to do so, but is completely uneducated on how this bill will effect people.  As of right now, that law is still being fought in the courts.  I still hope he stays away.  I'm a National League guy through in and through out.  The heck with the American League.

As for now, Gonzalez seems to be going to the Boston Red Sox.  He will be a good fit for the American League.  Let him go torment the New York Yankees.  I look forward to the first time he gets booed in Yankee Stadium.