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Nothing Inappropriate Here, D’backs Sign Putz

By Scott Allen

When I read this morning on azcentral.com that the Arizona Diamondbacks had reliever J.J. Putz on their radar, all I could do is laugh that they had to censor his last name, spelling it P.utz.  At first, the D’backs blog even put it as (inappropriate term).  Then this afternoon, the deal came true and the D’backs had their man.

As far as I am concerned, this is a good move.  He had a 2.83 ERA with the Chicago White Sox this past season.  2.83 in the American League is like 1.5 in the National League.  The only problem is the last time he was in the NL was in 2009 with the New York Mets when his ERA was 5.22.  Let’s hope his luck in the NL is a little better this time around, although at 5.22, he would still be one of the best on the 2010 D’backs roster as sad as that is.

A career ERA of 3.19 and averaging 9.3 strikeouts per every nine innings, I am not sure the D’backs could have done much better out there given what is available.  Bobby Jenks and Brian Fuentes are still out there, but I’m not sure how much the D’backs have left available to spend after a wild day of wheeling and dealing at the Winter Meetings.