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Quick Rebound, D’backs Get Over Reynolds Breakup by Signing Mora

By Scott Allen

Talk about a quick courtship, the Arizona Diamondbacks wasted no time by signing Melvin Mora to replace the departed Mark Reynolds at third base.  Approximately two hours after the announced trade of Reynolds to the Baltimore Orioles, the D'backs signed Mora, who coincidentally played 10 seasons with the Orioles prior to last season.   Sounds like the D'backs mean business all of a sudden.

I will be honest, I was a little worried about the quietness that had come over the D'backs with all the anticipated moves we thought would come, however, the D'backs made up for that today.  Mora, who spent the 2010 season with the Colorado Rockies, hit .285 and only struck out 53 times in 2010, a huge contrast from Reynolds.

Now granted, you lose a lot of power in the lineup.  Mora only hit 7 home runs last season.  He has hit 171 though in 11 plus seasons, last hitting over 20 when he hit 23 in 2008.  I'll take it.  Now let's see how he fits in with this team.  He should know them well though, playing against the D'backs 19 times last season.