Diamondbacks News

Brandon Webb Finally Finds a Home

By Scott Allen

Brandon Webb will get another chance after all.  Not that it was much of a debate.  The former Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher  has signed a contract with the Texas Rangers.  It is a deal that is said to be in the $3 million neighborhood plus incentives.

I was not against Webb returning to Arizona, but clearly Arizona was ready to move on after two injury plagued season.  Webb would have needed to have made a lot of concessions to come back, but after a disappointing 2010 season filled with will he or won't he (play), the D'backs were willing to let a huge contract leave the payroll.  I don't blame him.

I wish Webb nothing but the best.  Hopefully this move will help the Rangers solidify their rotation after losing Cliff Lee.  Obviously Webb is no Lee, but even after missing two seasons, he is no waste either.  Webb did a lot for Arizona and hopefully he will prosper in the American League.  I will tell you this, Webb won't miss running the bases.  Now he will only have to do that in inter-league play.  Webb always seemed to struggle after running the bases in a game.  Going to the AL may just extend his career.