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Five Diamondbacks Players from 2010 Who Will be Missed in 2011

By Scott Allen

Ok, so there are those players I won't miss.  That list is done.  Now my list of five players I will miss from the 2010 roster who will not be here in 2011.

1. Brandon Webb - Is it possible to miss a player on the DL all season?  I think so.  In fact, two years on the DL Webb spent.  Doesn't mean I wouldn't have liked him to be given another chance with the D'backs.  Yeah, his saga got very tiresome, but still....

2. Adam LaRoche - Sure he struck out a lot, but he still made contact and had a decent enough batting average to matter much more than Mark Reynolds.  He was also great defensively at first base.

3. Rusty Ryal - Ok, I know the guy was sold to Japan, just how much can a guy like be missed?  Well, I would have liked to have seen a lot better consistency from Ryal and I'm sure the D'backs wanted that as well.  However, I'm not sure he was given the proper chance to succeed here.

4. Dan Haren - I've missed him since the day he left.  This was a salary dump and it is a darn shame.

5. Edwin Jackson - I know you must think, again, I am crazy.  I think the D'backs gave up on him too early, but I do LOVE what we got in return, so Jackson just barely makes the list, mostly because he threw a no-hitter, was a personable guy who I actually had the chance to meet in person, and there is not really anyone else I will miss that much.