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Five Diamondbacks Players From 2010 Who Will Not Be Missed On The Field

By Scott Allen

We know 2010 was a tough year for the Arizona Diamondbacks.  There were some ups but mostly downs.  Some moves in the off-season and in-season were made for the benefit of the future, some made because dead weight had to be moved.  Here is my list of the five players from the 2010 roster I will not miss.

1. Esmerling Vazquez - Anyone that balks home a run, enough said.

2. Chad Qualls - The reliever was dumped, finally, but not before the damage was done.  Now there is word at least six teams are interested in him.  They aren't Major League Baseball teams are they?

3. Mark Reynolds - Sorry, sure he had some great home runs, but clearly they were not enough.  It got real tiresome watching him strikeout.  Even if his outs were productive, I could forgive the .198 batting average.

4. Augie Ojeda - Guy hustled and I loved that about him, but he was about as productive on the field as Santa is Christmas Day.

5. Rodrigo Lopez - A tough competitor, at times, however did more damage than not.  He gave up home runs at an alarming rate and it was a party anytime he could make it past the fifth inning of his starts.