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What the Arizona Diamondbacks 2011 Resoultions Should Look Like

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks should probably have the longest list of New Year's resolutions heading into 2011, but I don't have all day to chronicle them all.  In fact, it could take a couple of days.  Here are five I think the Dbacks should address.

1. Striking out every other at bat is not a requirement, so strike out less, a lot less.  I looked it up, you are not required to strike out as a team 15 out of every 20 at bats.  As alarming the rate was, I almost thought the Dbacks were trying to meet some quota.  Hopefully they've addressed this a little by moving Mark Reynolds and dropping Adam Laroche.

2. A third base coach's stop sign is not a suggestion.  I'm pretty sure there is a reason for the stop sign as you round third base.  The Dbacks ran themselves out of many runs in 2010 because of base running blunders such as this.

3. For Dbacks management - no more bobblehead giveaways.  They are unorganized and you will never make everyone happy unless you give enough for every person in house.  Even then, bring about 10 times that amount for the idiots who undoubtedly will walk away with 10-20 of those things.  So, in other words, drop the promotion.

4. Find a closer.  The closer by committee in 2010 was a joke.  Of course the entire bullpen was a joke, so why should the closer's position be any different?  The signing of J.J. Putz was big.

5. Productive outs and manufacturing runs.  That means sacrificing, bunting, stealing bases.  It is going to take a lot of small ball to accomplish this, but that may be better suited for a team that just dropped a bunch of power.  Of course that's not to say the power hitters remaining (i.e. Justin Upton, Chris Young) should stop supplying the power.  A little power is great every now and then.