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Thoughts on Baseball Hall of Fame

By Scott Allen

Congrats to Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar on their inductions into the baseball Hall of Fame.  Both made significant contributions on the field as players and for those performances they deserve to be in the elected. For Alomar though, should more than just his on the field performance come into question?

Alomar, as you remember, spit into the face of umpire John Hirschbeck.  He also was slapped with a lawsuit last year by his girlfriend who said they had unprotected sex when Alomar lied about his HIV status.  That lawsuit was dropped because of a settlement, which doesn't directly admit fault, but does appear suspicious.

Writers seem to be condemning Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGwire, and Jeff Bagwell for unproven off the field incidents having to do with steroids.  Of course the use of steroids directly affects a players performance, but the fact is writers are not voting for these players not for the lack of statistical greatness, however because they have other negative issues they are linked with.

So, why was it so easy to vote in Alomar on his first try?  The man SPIT on an umpire.  This isn't football where everyone spits on everyone else.  Alomar says he has put the incident behind him, but he now has a track record of integrity issues.  Doesn't steroids create that same track record?  Hmmm...

Don't get me wrong, Alomar for his on the field performance, deserves the Hall of Fame.  I just wish we wouldn't be so quick to judge those other players until there is proof of steroid use and then if it did affect the on the field performance of those players.