Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Less Than a Month from Pitchers and Catchers

By Scott Allen

Well sports fans, it's almost time for another team to take the field.  After a long 2010 season that only seemed to grow and grow more on our nerves, we are now less than 30 days until pitchers and catchers report to Salt River Fields in Scottsdale.  I'm going to have to get used to saying that.  I love the fact the boys will be right in our backyards for the spring.  In fact, I bought my first spring training tickets yesterday.  Can't wait, even as long as 2010 was.  I have a feeling we will see great improvement in 2011.

Then again, I've always been more of an optimist.  Ok ok, those who know me well, don't really see me that way, but seriously how else is one supposed to look at this season?  You have to be optimistic about all the changes that have taken place so far.  With the changes in the pitching staff and other additions such as Melvin Mora and Geoff Blum, a couple of veterans that this team desperately needs, you have to believe the Arizona Diamondbacks will field a better team in 2011.

Of course we still don't know how this team will come all together and I would not be surprised to see this team make more moves as they warrant during spring.  New general manager Kevin Towers has said he wants to win now.  He plays no favorites and will do his best it seems to put the best product possible on the field.  I guarantee you if things start to go south early, the Dbacks will not be waiting until July or August this year to make the necessary changes.