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Dbacks Sign Willie Bloomquist

By Scott Allen

I see what Arizona Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers is trying to do with this team.  He is not out looking for superstars, yet looking for veterans who can provide leadership for the younger guys.  I applaud the move.

With all the additions the D'backs have made so far, now they add Willie Bloomquist, an Arizona State Product drafted in 1999 by the Seattle Mariners.  He hit .267 last year for the Kansas City Royals and Cincinnati Reds.  He isn't someone that blows you away statistically, but yet a veteran leader who can help develop the younger players.

He is exactly the type of player the Dbacks need at this point.  Sure, it's great to have superstars, but sometimes teams with superstars are nothing but a group of individuals in it for themselves.  That's definitely not what this team needs right now.  Right now, the Dbacks need a strong core of veterans who can help develop these young guys into the stars we all want them to be.