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Dbacks Thinking of Toying With Starting Rotation Again

By Scott Allen

Now comes word the Arizona Diamondbacks are thinking of trying to obtain the Detroit Tigers' Armando Galarraga.  What?  Why does everyone else's cast off have to be our gem?

First Joe Saunders was going to be the next great addition to the rotation back last July in the Dan Haren trade.  Saunders is a lefty and apparently an innings eater, although we didn't see much of the latter in 2010.

Then in the off-season the Dbacks picked up Zach Duke.  Duke went 8-15 last season but it was thought maybe the former rookie of the year candidate would better in a change of scenery.  Let's all remind ourselves, he played in Pittsburgh!

So, as of the beginning of last week, that left a starting rotation of Daniel Hudson, Ian Kennedy, Barry Enright, Saunders, and Duke.  Well, some thing have certainly changed since then.  Personally, I was fine leaving it at that until someone proved they couldn't handle it.  The Dbacks seem like they don't feel like waiting for spring to mix it up.

Last week, after reliever Aaron Heilman re-signed with the Dbacks, here we all thought he would go back and be the count on guy in the bullpen.  I even wrote as much after the signing.  By the next morning though, word leaked out from general manager Kevin Towers that Heilman wanted to be give an chance to start and the Dbacks planned to honor that wish.

Now, the Tigers want to unload Galarraga and because he fits the Dbacks salary structure and he is a starter, they've all the sudden become interested.  What gives?  According to Nick Piecoro of The Arizona Republic, the addition of Galarraga would likely mean pushing Enright out of the rotation.  Of course someone has to go if you pick someone else, however I wonder if the Dbacks have been trying to find a replacement for Enright in the rotation all this time or just don't have the confidence he can last a whole season in the rotation and burn out much like he did in September last season?