Diamondbacks News

Starting Pitchers Without Jobs, Come on Down!

By Scott Allen

I feel like this off-season for the Arizona Diamondbacks has become a version of The Price is Right.  With as fast as the starting rotation possibilities have grown recently, you have to wonder who is next?

I feel like I could be a contestant in this race for the final roster.  I’m half-expecting Rod Roddy to come back from the dead and say “Scott Allen, c’mon down, you are the next contestant on Your a Starting Pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks.”  Actually, the Dbacks already traded Scott Allen.  No, not this one.  The one they sent to the New York Yankees for first baseman Juan Miranda.  They are obviously short on Scott Allen’s, so I am sure to get a call soon.

In addition to Ian Kennedy, Daniel Hudson, Joe Saunders, Barry Enright,  and Zach Duke, the Dbacks went out and re-signed Aaron Heilman who wants a shot at starting now.  Then they go out on Monday and trade for Armando Galarraga.  Turns out they ended up getting him for practically nothing.  Well, nothing in terms of value the Detroit Tigers are getting in return.  The a few hours later they ended up getting an oldie but goodie, former Dbacks starter Micah Owings. For Owings part, he could end up being a reliever.  Also turns out the Dbacks want to audition him at first base this spring as well.  Interesting.

All I can say is now there are eight pitchers on the spring roster who have a possibility to make the five-man rotation in April.  That’s a lot.  Someone is most likely going to end up unhappy come end of March.  Whether that means Owings and Heilman didn’t work out as planned or someone like Galarraga or Duke failed to show production in spring, that remains to be told?  Good luck keeping track of all the additions.  That’s all I see right now.  I just hope this doesn’t become a rotation by committee.  If it does, expect another very long season in 2011.