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Diamondbacks Season Could be Over Quicker Than a Lexus Recall

By Scott Allen

With all the off-season moves the Arizona Diamondbacks have made since ending the season last October, it is hard to tell which direction they want to go in.  You can tell they are trying to improve themselves, however is the improvement just look good on paper or will it translate into more victories in 2011?

They have more pitchers on their roster than standing ovations President Obama got at the State of the Union last evening.  Clearly, the Dbacks have focused on improving the pitching.  I will agree, it was a major problem in 2010.  Just how much has the roster improved though?  You don't always improve by increasing quantity.  It's all about the quality.

None of the moves the Dbacks have made so far have been eye-popping, such as the ones made this week in the acquisitions of Armando Galarraga and Micah Owings.  They are nice stories for the media to talk about, but really until they prove something on the field, that's all they are, nice stories.

As for the rest of the moves, I feel like I am reliving the early 2000's again.  Melvin Mora, Geoff Blum, and Xavier Nady all come to mind.  Their numbers in the past have been great on paper, but also on paper they may seem to be on a career downslope and their performances could doom the Dbacks faster than you can recall a Lexus.

I hope I am wrong.  We haven't even made it to pitchers and catchers yet, but clearly the stain that 2010 left on me and the rest of Dbacks fans leaves a lot of skepticism on the table for 2011.