Diamondbacks News

Positional Battles May Prove as Interesting as Pitchers Competition

By Scott Allen

Much has been documented about the Arizona Diamondbacks and their pitching competition about to take place in a couple of weeks in Scottsdale.  However, if you take a look at the rest of the roster, you may see some very good competition as well.

First Base - Juan Miranda is supposedly "the" guy.  Also expect looks from Brandon Allen, Micah Owings, and Geoff Blum

Second Base - Kelly Johnson would seem to have this sewn up

Shortstop - It's all Stephen Drew's for the taking

Third Base - Melvin Mora is the new kid on the block

Catcher - Miguel Montero is your starter, but expect to see a lot of Henry Blanco as well.  Don't count out Jon Hester.

Outfield - You could make a case for at least five of the six outfielders on the roster to be starters.  Justin Upton, Chris Young, and Xavier Nady figure to be your starters with Willie Bloomquist and Gerardo Parra coming off the bench.

With a few positions set already, I wouldn't discount the Dbacks from going out and making more moves if the right guy comes along.  Otherwise, I think what you see is what you get.  The power may be in shorter supply, but the production may see, hopefully see, an increase.