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Diamondbacks Have Nothing on the Pythagorean Theorem

By Scott Allen

They say there are dozens of way to prove the Pythagorean Theorem. Last season, there was little the Arizona Diamondbacks proved on the field to show they were ready to compete in a day in day out basis.  With the changes made in the off-season, there is proof the Dbacks are trying to improve, however we still may not have all the answers even at the end of this season.

The subtraction of Mark Reynolds‘ .198 average and 200 plus annual strikeouts should be proof enough the Dbacks have improved.  Then they went out and added Melvin Mora, a nice name and a guy that strikes out about as often a lunar eclipse, so meaning very little, but they lose power.  The sent Adam Laroche packing, but added an unknown in Juan Miranda.

They also made a lot of changes on the pitching staff, the core of last years problems.  Problem is, some of last season’s problem pitchers are still on the bullpen roster.  Esmerling Vasquez, Aaron Heilman, Jordan Noberto, and Carlos Rosa are still all kicking around.  Vasquez didn’t do much in 2010 other than balk home a winning run last April.  That happens less often than triple plays.  So, they did add J.J. Putz but is that really enough?

Proof that the Dbacks improved really only comes when they show they compete on a daily basis.  Wins and losses usually are a good marker, but if the Dbacks finished with the same number of wins this season, that doesn’t necessarily prove one thing over another.  Reducing errors, changing a clubhouse attitude, how the team handles losses and responds to adversity, will prove if the Dbacks have turned the corner.  Come to think of it, maybe I will skip all that and go figure out the Pythagorean Theorem on my own.