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Top Diamondbacks Power Threats

By Scott Allen

You lose Mark Reynolds and Adam Laroche, you are losing almost 60 home runs a season.  You add Melvin Mora and Juan Miranda in their place, you aren't exactly setting the world on fire.   So, that leads to the question, where will the power come for the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2011?

Miranda may eventually be a power guy, however we don't know enough about him yet.  Some returning players such as Kelly Johnson, Justin Upton, Chris Young, and Stephen Drew all have potential to hit 20 plus homers.

Here is what we saw in 2010:

Young - 27 HR

Johnson - 26 HR

Upton - 17 HR

Drew- 15 HR

With the loss of Reynolds and Laroche, you would expect a power shortage this season.  I'm not so sure though.  The Dbacks aren't so sure either, although they geared the changes towards productions, which means more hitting and more running and less power.  Power equaled strikeouts last season.

Johnson, Young, Upton, and Drew are going to need to combine for at least 100-110 HR's to offset the loss of Reynolds and Laroche.  In other words, don't count on it, but as a fan, still demand it from your favorite players.  You'd expect to see homers from Miguel Montero as well, as long as he stays healthy.  He only had nine homers last season, but he missed a good two months of the season.

Xavier Nady, when healthy can provide power too.  As can Gerardo Parra and Brandon Allen.  They are the great unknowns.  At least they won't be adding a humidor or moving fences in this season at Chase Field.  We have that going for us.