Diamondbacks News

Rise and Shine Diamondbacks Fans, Spring is Here

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks are ready to get going once again.  Today is the day pitchers, catchers, and injured players, amongst any other volunteers, show up in Scottsdale at Salt River Fields to report for Spring Training.  First workout is tomorrow under now full-time manager Kirk Gibson.  Are you ready for some baseball?

Optimism is in the air once again, as it is every February.  Just how long that optimism remains, well, remains to be seen.  There is so much unknown about how this team will jell together with all the changes made by the front office.  The core of young players return.  Chris Young, Stephen Drew, Justin Upton, Miguel Montero, they all return to higher expectations.  As dismal as 2010 was, all of them, even Young who had a much better 2010 than 2009, left a lot to be desired.  Their performances also left a lot of empty seats at Chase Field.

Not that it was all their fault.  Some of those responsible for the empty seats are no longer here.  The Diamondbacks will most likely sell out the home opener and from there they will need to rely solely on performance and ridiculous bobblehead giveaways to fill the seats.  I’ve seen the promotional schedule for home games this year and there sure are several of those nights again.  I’ll be sure to stay away.  I have no desire to deal with rude, crude, and greedy people.

I keep getting asked how I think they will finish this season.  Yesterday another blogger asked me to predict their record and divisional finish.  I went with 81-81 and 3rd place.  Sounded average to me because on paper this team is average but has the potential to be very good.  You just don’t know until they play.  That is the best I can go with though until I see more.  I may even be over-reaching, being very optimistic.  Oh well, we will always have the bobbleheads to fall back on.  Ughhh.