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Diamondbacks Still Bringing in Players, Sign Branyan to Minor League Deal

By Scott Allen

So the Arizona Diamondbacks seem intent on finding every free agent who used to  be worth something into the mix as they take a look at how their roster will fill out for the 2011 season.  Today, according to Sports Illustrated, they signed Russell Branyan to a minor league contract.

Branyan hit 25 homers last season but also only hit .237.  Sounds like another Mark Reynolds type guy.  I understand the need to find the best players out there.  You really don't put yourself out by signing Branyan to a minor league deal, but you have to wonder by continuing to add like this, maybe the Dbacks aren't completely sold on what they have so far.

I also find it interesting of Branyan was such a find, why did it take this long to bring him in?  At least they got him here before the rest of the team has to officially report.  This could also be an indication the Dbacks might feel like they rid themselves of too much power by dumping Mark Reynolds and Adam Laroche and that they are not confident in the power games of Justin Upton, Kelly Johnson, Chris Young and the rest.

Then again, I could have it all wrong.  Maybe the Dbacks want to have a dummy in the batters box when Micah Owings takes the mound?