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Miranda Will Get His Shot at First, but May Not be Only One

By Scott Allen

When the Arizona Diamondbacks acquired Juan Miranda in the off-season from the New York Yankees, he immediately was given the keys to the first base starting job.  This spring though, you may see a couple of others take a crack at the job as well.

Miranda, with his time short in the major leagues so far, comes highly touted.  He has all of 83 at-bats in the majors with four homers and 14 RBI.  You can't argue with production in such a short amount of time.  So clearly the potential for big things is there, however I know the Dbacks also want to do everything in their power to look at all their options.

Those options include Brandon Allen and even a look at first from Micah Owings.  With Allen, he's had a couple of shots to shine so far with little results, however he is in the mix again this spring.  As for Owings, I'm not sure if this is more of a product of getting him at-bats in the spring or they truly want to see him at first base?  I'm guessing it's more of an at-bat's thing.

Miranda will still have to work for it that's for sure.  For awhile at the end of last season it appeared Adam Laroche had talked the Dbacks into keeping him after many trade rumors during the season.  The Dbacks still decided to go another route and go with the much younger Miranda.  Just how much patience will the Dbacks display with the youngster?  I'm guessing more than you think.  Just look at past history.  They gave guys like Travis Lee and Conor Jackson all the time in the world to develop.  It is a new front office though, so maybe, just maybe, if this doesn't work, they have a plan b in place.  Let's hope.  I'm wishing Miranda all the best in the world though.