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Arizona Diamondbacks: Projecting the Outfield

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks outfield this season has speedsters, hitters, and power.  It is probably the most balanced part of the lineup, both from the starting lineup and the bench.

With Spring Training under way, I take a look at what I project the outfield roster will look like come April 1st.

Chris Young, Justin Upton, Xavier Nady are the most likely starters.  Also in the mix is Willie Bloomquist and Gerardo Parra.  With a strong outfield this season the odd man out will be Cole Gillespie unless an injury occurs or someone pulls a 2009 Chris Young.  You will also probably see Brandon Allen get some outfield time if things don’t work out at first base.

Young re-emerged as a star in 2010 and although his batting average dropped a little towards the end of the season, finishing just north of .260, he was the team’s lone All-Star and made quite a comeback from his disappointing 2009 season, a season which saw him demoted to the minors for a short period of time.

Upton is in a make or break year.  The team dangled his name out in trade talks over the winter more as motivation to get him to play better in 2011.  He, along with Young, are expected to be the power providers.

The unknown in Nady.  Plagued with injuries in the past, Nady looks to get back to what made him popular a few years ago, enough that the New York Yankees came calling for him at the trade deadline.  That’s the Xavier Nady we are all hoping to see.