Diamondbacks News

NL West is the Best

By Scott Allen

If you are an Arizona Diamondbacks fan, then you must agree, the NL West is the BEST!  Of course that is so because it is the only division the Dbacks can win.  All this week at Call to the Pen on Fansided, we are pitting the NL’s best rosters against each other in a race for the best divisional roster in all of baseball.

Each of the three rosters do have some great players on them.  If you like pitching though, I will go with the NL West.  I also believe the NL West has the best catcher and second baseman.  Overall, top to bottom, the NL West seems to me to have the greatest balance, therefore of course I voted for the NL West.

The NL East of course has Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay.  The NL Central has Albert Pujols.  However the west with Buster Posey, Andre Either, Ubaldo Jimenez, Tim Lincecum, Mat Latos, Matt Cain, and Kelly Johnson, you can’t go wrong.

Even if the NL West doesn’t win, I will be rooting for whichever roster goes up against the AL’s best roster next week.  Nothing like a little roster competition before it all gets going!