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Diamondbacks Lose Another Close One

By Scott Allen

So is this the theme of the spring? Lose but lose close? Well, close or not close, a loss is still a loss. Only winning changes an attitude 100%. if not for a 9th inning comeback yesterday, the Arizona Diamondbacks would be 0-4 in Cactus League play. Instead they are 1-3 after losing 6-5 to the Colorado Rockies at Salt River Fields today.

You can’t expect the Dbacks to win everyday and with as many people shuttling in and out of the lineup, it wouldn’t be prudent to expect a bunch of wins.  However, clearly the Dbacks are going to need to learn to win close games.  They’ve already lost three close ones.  Losing one-run games is what makes the difference between average and good teams.  Let’s be honest, this won’t be a great team, but good, yes they have a chance.

It is going to take a mix of good pitching and good hitting.  Just when one gets going the other seems to fail.  That was the case last season.  Ok, so enough griping.  It’s only four games in, but at some point, even in exhibitions, you have to say enough is enough and start learning to win some ball games.  I’m heading out on Friday to watch the Dbacks play the San Diego Padres.  Hopefully they aren’t 1-7 by then.