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By God, Jesus Does in Diamondbacks

By Scott Allen

Leave it to the powers that be above to ruin a perfectly good win opportunity for the Arizona DiamondbacksJesus Guzman (at least that is the assumed last name he took today) hit a three-run homer in the bottom of the ninth for the San Diego Padres to beat the Dbacks 4-3 in Peoria earlier today.  They face each other again tomorrow in Scottsdale.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t THE Jesus that hit the homer, but it still feels like it may take an act of God to get the Dbacks back on the winning track, or at least A winning track.  After today’s loss, the Dbacks got to 2-6 in Cactus League play.

Justin Upton hit his first homer.  Great, he is well on his way on his motivational tour of 2011 to remain with the club for 2012.  Exciting huh?  Right now, not much exciting with the Dbacks to report.  Heck, we don’t even have a scuffle in the dugout to talk about yet.  Give it time though.  I’m counting on some sort of inner fighting by the time April 1st rolls around.

It seems as if the pitching is the same, except just different characters.  The regular season will most likely kickoff in the same fashion though as it generally takes pitchers longer to settle in than hitters.  It’s ironic though that is usually the case since it is usually pitchers that report first.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings but if you are a betting man, don’t put a dime on the Dbacks just yet.