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Time to Vote for All-Division World Series

By Scott Allen

It's an all East division championship, AL vs NL in Fansided's All-Division Championship.  Apparently the NL West did the worst of them all, even though personally I think they have the best pitching overall in baseball.

The NL West only garnered 8% of the total vote.  Not good.  Not good at all.  Then again, I'm not too surprised.  Don't worry, the division only offered up last year's world champions in San Francisco.  What do I know?

Gun to my head, I'll take the NL East over the AL East though.  I hate the New York Yankees.  I hate the Boston Red Sox and personally I hate the fact the rest of the world thinks we all want to watch all 19 of their head-to-head games on national television.  We don't.  Then again, I learned a long time ago if you don't live back east, you don't matter much.  Just the way it is.

So, please go take the time to vote and at least give a win to the NL.  I'm an NL guy.  I'm no fan of the DH.  No strategy in the AL game.  Your strategy now is to go vote vote vote for the NL East.  Thanks guys and gals!