Diamondbacks News

Looking for Positives in Dbacks Spring

By Scott Allen

If you look at the standings, the Arizona Diamondbacks are the worst team in the Cactus League and tied for the worst in baseball with the Houston Astros with a record of 5-12. How much you read into that is up to you, but I will tell you what, past history has taught this whatever the Dbacks do in the spring pretty much translates to regular season results.

Please don't sit there and tell me it is only spring.  That doesn't get to apply when it comes to the Dbacks.  However, all that being said, there are some positives out there so far in the first two plus weeks of games.

Ryan Roberts and Russell Branyon are hitting and well mind you.  Roberts is at .542 and Branyon at .417 so far.  For both, that could translate into roster spots.  I still think Roberts could be slated to start in Reno.  As for Branyon, he is going to have to fight as he is on a minor league contract.

Willie Mo Pena of all players has three homers.  He has 24 at-bats.  That's one in every eight at bats for you mathematicians. He is also hitting .417.

As for the pitching, Barry Enright, Daniel Hudson, and Aaron Heilman are the only three starters with ERA's under 3.50.  Ian Kennedy, Zach Duke, Armando Galarraga, and Joe Saunders have all been lit up a bit.  Saunders ERA is a scary 15.88 in three starts.

As I keep saying, gonna be a long season folks...