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Projecting the Arizona Diamondbacks Starting Rotation

By Scott Allen

Two weeks into spring training and this much we know, the Arizona Diamondbacks starting rotation doesn't look very good as a whole.  There are a few bright spots, but there isn't much competing for a job in the rotation.  Some of the starters performances look more like a fight to be released or moved to the bullpen.

After two weeks, here is how I project the starting rotation will look like.

1. Daniel Hudson - he is the only starter with a win and has a spring ERA of 2.57

2. Ian Kennedy - he has given up 7 ER in 8 innings pitched.  Not looking like the ace the Dbacks want him to be.

3. Barry Enright - has taken the bull by the horns.  Although he has started only one game, he has given up just two runs and has struck out 5 in 9 innings.

4. Joe Saunders - being the only lefty, he will make the rotation, but if someone else better comes along, Saunders may not last long here.  He has a spring ERA of 15.88 in three starts, giving up 10 ER in just 5.2 innings pitched.

5. Aaron Heilman - he has made the most of his chance so far to be the number 5 starter.  His ERA is 3.38, giving up just 3 ER in 8 innings pitched.

Armando Galarraga got lit up last night.  Micah Owings looks like a bullpen lock, having pitched exclusively out of the pen so far.  Zach Duke has looked bad and not the type of pitcher the Dbacks thought they were getting.  Things can change over the next two weeks and I hope they do, otherwise this rotation may end up being one of the worst in baseball.