Diamondbacks News

Losing No Fun in March Either

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks have not had a good spring.  Their record is an abysmal 5-17 after a 10-8 loss to the Los Angeles Angles today.  Is there reason to worry?  Should we be concerned?  Yes and No.

We all have to remember this IS spring training after all.  A lot of different roster lineups have been inserted as the Dbacks try to find their identity.  The optimist in me says things might be different come April.  The realist in me says don't count on it.  Just because the calendar turns April 1st doesn't mean a switch will turn on.

Don't go asking Dbacks manager Kirk Gibson about the spring record either.  He's tired of answering those questions.  At some point though, someone will have to answer for the poor record if it carries into the regular season.  Supposedly general manager Kevin Towers built this team to win now.  Again, I wouldn't count on it.

Every other MLB team has to make the same adjustments the Dbacks do in getting ready for the regular season with lots of different lineups.  Here's the difference - the Dbacks aren't that good, especially in the pitching department.  It seems as if there has been little improvement.

Again, I do caution it is spring and reporters who push the poor record subject with Dbacks coaches and players really shouldn't.  It is what it is.  They are the worst team in spring in the entire MLB.  Their goal is to ensure they are not that way come April.  Time is running out.  Practice  is almost over.  Two weeks and they start counting.