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No Complaints Here: Kennedy Opening Day Starter

By Scott Allen

In what really is no surprise, at least to me because for some, it did seem like a surprise, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Ian Kennedy got the opening day start, first of his career, on April 1st against the Colorado Rockies.

So I heard some in the media wanted to know from Dbacks manager Kirk Gibson as to why Joe Saunders wasn't selected as the opening day starter?  I'm wondering, why would someone wonder that?  First of all, it set Gibby off and I don't blame him.  Secondly, Saunders has an ERA a mile high this spring.  He has been getting lit up at every turn.

I think Kennedy is the logical choice.  He really was going to be the ace for now anyway and has seemed to pitch best amongst Dbacks starters so far this spring. The only other choice in my opinion would have been Daniel Hudson.  I say give Hudson another year and it might be his turn.  He too has looked pretty good this spring.

I don't see the fascination with Saunders though.  Sure, he is a veteran, but that doesn't make him opening day material.  He's been far from it.  I agree with Gibby on this one!