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Dbacks Spring Record Looks More Like March Madness Bracket

By Scott Allen

You just go with the old saying "it is what it is" when you sit down and think about how the Arizona Diamondbacks spring has gone.  There have been some bright moments and some not so bright moments.

At 8-19, the Dbacks still own the worst spring record in all of MLB.  How if you are a glass-half-full kind of guy, you will say it is just spring and it won't carry over.  If you are a glass-half-empty kind of guy and a pessimist, then you are quite worried about the regular season which is now only 11 days away.

It is what it is though.  The pitching has been horrible, which has led to a lot of opposition runs and makes their record look like my March Madness bracket, a complete mess.  It could be worse though, it could have all counted.  The pitching though once again leaves us all wondering if the team ERA will once again rival the national debt?  I think it would be hard to top last season's pitching disaster, but who knows, these are the Dbacks and anything is possible.

All we know is really no one on the pitching staff has been untouched this spring.  Consistency is the key though.  Even the best of the best get roughed up and then there is Joe Saunders and Armando Galarraga.  Those two have been lit up more than the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.  The most consistent has been Barry Enright.  I like what I've seen from him.  Now we just have to hope he can hold up for a full season.  All I have right now is hope.  Don't we all?