Diamondbacks News

Diamondbacks Spring Losers

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks as a team pretty much have been on the losing end of things this spring.  However you can thank several players for helping them get there.  Too bad too because I was rooting for all these guys to make a positive impact on the team this season and as of right now the only thing they are impacting is their job status.

1. Joe Saunders - how much longer can the Dbacks pretend like this guy can pitch?  Lefty or not, his 14.54 ERA is bad.  Let's also remember, not every batter he is facing is a major league ready player either.

2. Armando Galarraga - at some point, you need to cut the losses.  I realize the Dbacks worked hard to bring him in, however he has failed in both starting and relief.

3. Mike Hampton - man I really wanted him to resurrect his career here.  Right now, it looks dim.  an ERA of 11.88 is I'm sure, not what the Dbacks had hoped for.

4. Juan Gutierrez - I think his picture is next to the word disappointment in the dictionary after last season.  He's been worse this spring with and ERA of 9.45.  I didn't think it was possible for him to be worse. I was wrong.

5. Xavier Nady - he has hit only.200 this spring.  Not exactly the comeback kid there.

6. Geoff Blum - he has four errors in only nine games this spring.  Not exactly a handyman off the bench.