Diamondbacks News

Injuries Become a Concern for Dbacks

By Scott Allen

As spring draws towards a close, the Arizona Diamondbacks suffered a couple of injuries this past weekend that could set them back even further than they are now. Both Justin Upton and J.J. Putz suffered injuries that could put them out of action.

Upton jammed his knee but said he should be fine.  Well, I'm no doctor, but a jammed knee is a jammed knee.  I would not be surprised to see him get little or no action in the last 10 days of spring.

As for Putz, his injury could be a little more serious.  He left Friday's game after a muscle injury.  The extent of the injury isn't known yet, but most likely his spring has ended.  He only go into two games this spring.  Not exactly the performance you want to see from a guy who got a $10 million guaranteed contract and failed to finish out the past two seasons.

At this point, I'm all for resting whoever they need to rest.  The Dbacks will be so far behind everyone else when the season starts next week, any losses from the likes of Upton and/or Putz for any extended period of time can only further hurt the team and any chance of staying competitive in 2011.