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Diamondbacks Hit Magic 20 – Losses that is

By Scott Allen

The Arizona Diamondbacks finally hit 20 in the standings.  Yep, that's 20 losses in spring after a 7-3 loss to the Cleveland Indians.  Starter Aaron Heilman, who has been pretty good this spring so far, gave up four earned runs, including two homers in 5.1 innings in the loss.  Not bad, but not good either.

Just don't go asking manager Kirk Gibson about the record and don't ask him who has made the rotation or roster.  He apparently doesn't think it is any of our business.  Funny how it should be every bit of our business.  We pay to go see the games.  I know this, Gibby's pressers this season are going to be very interesting.

Back to today's game, Heilman, who is in a fight for one of the remaining two rotation spots, really hit his first big snag this spring.  Not coincidentally it comes in his first outing more than 5 innings long.  Someone needs to take the reins and say I'm the guy, but no one right now other than Barry Enright, who has won a rotation spot, is doing that.  Even Ian Kennedy hasn't been up to par the last couple of times out.

Great news though, all these spring losses will stop soon.  Season starts in 10 days and then we can start counting them for real.  Get ready for a lot of them.