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Believe What You Want, Spring Does Carry Over to Regular Season

By Scott Allen

Every time someone say like Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson answers a question about the Dbacks spring training record, he brushes it off, says its no big deal.  Some baseball traditionalists will tell you the same.  You get the same answers in other sports too when you are talking preseason versus regular season.  However, if you take a look at the Dbacks in spring over the last several seasons, you will see a direct correlation between the Dbacks spring and regular season records.

Last season, the Dbacks went 15-17 in spring, slightly better than this spring is going, and ended up with a losing record in the regular season as well at 65-97.  In 2009, the Dbacks went 11-23 in spring, a record almost matched by this spring, and they finished 70-92.  If you go back to the Dbacks 2007 playoff season when they went 90-72, they went 20-12 in the spring, which was also their last winning spring.  Please don't sit there and tell me that spring is not a foreshadowing of the regular season.  That just won't fly.

Of course not every spring will tell you what the regular season will bring.  They went 12-18 in spring in 2008 and ended up with a 82-80 winning record, but just barely.  They were 18-14 in spring in 2006, but finished 76-86.  However in 2003, they went 17-12 in spring and 84-78 in the regular season.

You will see though the last several seasons there has been that direct connection.  So, after a spring like this where they are currently stuck with a 11-22 record, you have to believe based on history, the Dbacks are destined for a long losing season, probably much like what we saw in 2010.  I put the over/under for wins at 67.