Diamondbacks News

Willie Bloomquist Continues to Shine; Welcome Back Stephen Drew

By Scott Allen

When Arizona Diamondbacks shortstop Stephen Drew missed the first week of the season and Willie Bloomquist was thriving in his spot, some wondered what are the Dbacks going to do with Bloomquist once Drew comes back, because you couldn’t sit Drew, right? Dang right.  Now, they’ve got both of them in the lineup and the Dbacks are that much better for it, a statement that definitely rings true after today’s 10-8 come from behind win over the Cincinnati Reds.

Drew, who is not hitting .500 for the season in his 3 games he played in over the weekend, is not only hitting, but hitting in the clutch.  He is now hitting .750 with runners in scoring position.  I don’t care that it is just 3-4 that has him at that .750. It is what it is and we should embrace it for the time being. Drew went 4-4 on Sunday.

As for Bloomquist, well, he keeps on doing what he is doing.  He went 3-5 on Sunday and is now hitting .394.  Dbacks manager Kirk Gibson gave him the night off last night.  Turns out it was a great move.  Another hot Dbacks hitter, Miguel Montero, sat for his first game today.  Hopefully that will pay off tomorrow.

Even though Drew nor Bloomquist delivered the biggest hits of the day, they were the most consistent hitters this weekend and Bloomquist the most consistent over the first week of the season.  Not only is Bloomquist hitting .394, he has stolen 6 bases already.  The man is on a mission.

I guess it is a nice problem to have trying to find playing time for all the hot hitters.  Bloomquist has been playing left field this weekend just to keep him in the lineup.  The other left fielder, Gerardo Parra, is hitting .304 himself.  As long as every one keeps hitting, then I guess we can’t complain who Gibby throws out there.  Well, I do have one request.  Please don’t throw Joe Saunders out there anymore.  That’s a whole different story though.  For now, enjoy the offense.