Diamondbacks News

Gibby Brings Much Needed Fire

By Scott Allen

Quick, name one thing Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson brings to the bench and the field that A.J. Hinch and Bob Melvin didn't?  Yeah, that's right, a fiery attitude.  It was only a matter of time before we'd all be treated to a Kirk Gibson umpire argument.  Only 10 games in and Gibby got his first ejection on Tuesday in the 13-8 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals.

Even the Cardinals had to be impressed with the show Gibby put on after a second horrible call by home plate umpire Bob Davidson.  After Miguel Montero had a strike called against him on a call that was not even remotely a strike, Gibby had enough.  It was the bottom of the third and Gibby came out to argue the call.  That's where the fun began.

We got a good five minutes of face to face yelling.  We all know what Gibby was really saying, although we'll just say he was saying something like I'm a friend of you.  Close, right?  Then he clearly told Davidson he should retire.  I love it.  Absolutely LOVE it.  You never saw Hinch or Melvin do something like that.

You have to believe Hinch and Melvin had the players back, right?  Maybe they just showed it in a different way.  However there is one thing that proves it to be true, a sure fire argument with the umpire.  It shows you support your player.  Even if the call is fairly clear to be correct, you should still go out and show you have a players' back.  Hinch tried a couple of times, but it seemed almost contrived a couple of the times, like he was trying to hard to prove it. To Gibby, it seems to come naturally.

I hope we get to see a lot more of that.  Now, Gibby is only 156 ejections behind Bobby Cox.  Go get 'em Gibby!