Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Can’t Win if They Don’t Hit

By Scott Allen

Last night was a perfect exhibition as to why the Arizona Diamondbacks will struggle this season to win baseball games.  When the team is being dominated by the opposing pitcher, the Dbacks have literally no shot at winning.  The way the Dbacks pitching staff is built, the offense is going to need to support the inferior pitching to have a shot at winning.

San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain shut the Dbacks down for almost seven innings last night, only getting four hits off of him.  Daniel Hudson meanwhile didn't pitch horribly, but not great other.  He struck out 10, but after giving up a first inning three-run homer to Pablo Sandoval, it was all but over.  When it's the first inning and you know that, that's sad.

Cain was predictably dominant.  Hudson struggled in the first inning for the second start in a row and that's all the opposition needed, just like last Saturday in the loss to the Cincinnati Reds.

It doesn't get any easier this evening or tomorrow.  The Dbacks have given up at least six runs or more in three of their five wins.  The runs are being given up at an alarming rate, although looking at the scoreboard, five runs doesn't look like much.  However when you are facing Matt Cain, one or two runs for the opposition will usually get the job done and when you are dealing with a younger team like the Dbacks, positive results will occur less frequently.