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Tax Day! Everyday Taxing Though for Diamondbacks Starting Pitching

By Scott Allen

Hopefully you've filed your tax return. If not, well at least you won't have the Arizona Diamondbacks to distract you today.  If you haven't filed yet and you're a Dbacks fan, you probably spent more time watching the Dbacks this past weekend than working on those taxes.  This is why I filed back in February.

The Dbacks games have averaged around three hours each day, with yesterday going four thanks to a 12 inning contest against the San Francisco Giants.  The bullpen cam through yesterday, but it is now the starting rotation that is starting to tax us all.  Ian Kennedy struggled on Wednesday, giving up nine runs.  Daniel Hudson gave up three in the first inning alone on Friday and only made it to the sixth thanks to a rising pitch count.  Joe Saunders gave up 12 hits on Saturday, although he left the game not being able to lose, which I guess is saying something for him.  Yesterday, Barry Enright shut the Giants down for the first four innings before falling apart in the fifth.  He only went 5.1 innings.

The starting rotation has really put a strain on the bullpen over the past week.  The bullpen had to put in 6.2 innings on Sunday.  Of course it helps if the offense could score too and get these games over with in regulation time.

There isn't anyone in the rotation who hasn't struggled at least once now.  After tomorrow's game against the Cincinnati Reds, the Dbacks will have completed three full cycles through the starting rotation.  In spite of the starting pitching recently, the bullpen for the most part has kept the Dbacks in games and yesterday allowed the Dbacks to win a close one in extras.  For all I've ragged on the bullpen for, you can't complain about their recent performances outside of Esmerling Vasquez, who I'm still baffled by.  How does he still have a job in the majors?  That's another thought though for another day.  For now, the starters need to pick up the slack and give the bullpen some rest.