Diamondbacks News

First Inning Troublesome for Hudson

By Scott Allen

As I'm sure you've noticed by now, Arizona Diamondbacks starting pitcher Daniel Hudson isn't much of a pitcher in the first inning of his starts, at least not this season.  Including today's start and the 4 runs he gave up during that inning, Hudson has struggled in the first inning of each of his four starts.

Why he struggles I have no idea, but it is getting tiresome, already.  Hudson has acknowledged his issues getting out of the gate and so has manager Kirk Gibson.  Hudson has given up nine runs in the first inning in his past three starts.  Not good.  Not good at all.

So I have an idea.  Let's have someone else start the first inning.  You know, bring in the relief ahead of time.  Bring a guy like David Hernandez in to start the game and then Hudson can take over in the second.  Maybe it's something mental and maybe it would take something that crazy to bring Hudson back into line.

Of course we all know this scenario would never play out in the real world, but they've got to address whatever issues he is having early and go to the extremes to fix it if necessary.  Maybe some voodoo?  Hey, if it were me struggling, I'd try anything at this point.