Diamondbacks News

Dbacks Look for Fruitful Trip to Big Apple

By Scott Allen

After taking two of three this week in Cincinnati, the Arizona Diamondbacks are in New York this weekend to take on the New York Mets. At 6-13, the Mets own the worst record in MLB right now.  It's getting so bad in New York, even the writers have already given up.

This is how one writer for the New York Daily News reported the other night on their loss to the Houston Astros:

"Blah blah blah blah rain blah blah blah Niese blah blah Astros blah blah Mets got spanked. Blah blah, 6-1. We really don't know what else to tell you about this one. But we will try."

That's just classic.  I know how he feels.  That is how I felt last season for the most part.  However after an 8-9 start that has even Dbacks fans feeling like they should be like 11-6, you can see things improving.  Improving to the point you expect the Dbacks to take care of business this weekend in New York.

This will be a test to see just how far the Dbacks have come along.  Can they beat an inferior team on the road?  They say the environment and attitude is changing.  No better time to show it than sweeping the Mets in New York.  Game one of the series is today at 4:10pm.