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Diamondbacks Seem to be Right Back Where They Started From

By Scott Allen

All of a sudden a promising start to the season has reverted back to feeling like 2010 all over again. Poor pitching, both starting and from the bullpen, losing to inferior teams (supposedly), and lack of hitting with runners in scoring position.  Please stop me if you’ve heard all of this before?

Early on, the Dbacks were getting runners in scoring position to cross the plate.  Now the only thing they are crossing after getting on base is the foul lines after the third out to get their gloves to take the field again.

The Arizona Diamondbacks got swept by the lowly New York Mets much in part to the horrible hitting with RISP.  The Dbacks were 1-13 today alone and 7-49 the past four games total with RISP.  I’m no mathematician, however I’m pretty sure that isn’t very good.

It didn’t much matter anyway.  After Armando Galarraga gave up a homer to David Wright in the first inning, you knew the game was already over and that proved true.  So, it was a great two weeks, wasn’t it?