Diamondbacks News

Kennedy Pitches Gem

By Scott Allen

All night long I was waiting.  Waiting for the ball to drop.  Waiting for the lead to disappear.  Waiting, waiting for another loss.  After getting swept by the New York Mets over the weekend, Ian Kennedy and the Arizona Diamondbacks came out and got the job done with a 4-0 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.  It was Kennedy’s first complete game shutout of his career.

So where was this team over the weekend?  Now, the Dbacks didn’t overpower the Phillies offensively, but then again you didn’t expect that facing Cliff Lee.  Lee was just human enough to give up 4 runs and 5 hits, two of them homers.

The question will now be can Kennedy consistently pitch like this?  Until he does, I remain skeptical.  Bash me all you want for not being 100 percent over the moon with tonight’s performance.  His last great performance was followed up by a 3 inning 9 run dud.  So again, excuse my skepticism.  I’ll take this one though.  On to the next.