Diamondbacks News

Dbacks are MLB’s Mr. Irrelevant

By Scott Allen

Mr. Irrelevant.  The last pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.  The guy that gets to say he was the last pick.  The guy that probably amounts to little in his NFL career.  At least little enough to make a difference.  That's what the Arizona Diamondbacks have become.  The MLB equivalent of irrelevancy.  They play that way anyway.

The Dbacks were losers again this evening to the Chicago Cubs 5-3.  It's gotten to the point already where it doesn't really matter if they win or lose.  The outcome is irrelevant to how the season will play out because we all know how it will play out.  The Dbacks can never post three victories in a row.  Right now they are caught in a win a couple lose a couple cycle.  No consistency.

That is the one consistent factor with this team though over the past few seasons - irrelevancy.  I won't say they don't play hard because the do seem to be playing harder, just not smarter.  They've fallen into the same traps as seasons past.  Once one thing goes bad, so does another.  Both hitting and pitching have gone south the past couple of nights for the Dbacks.  Keep in mind this is all going on against a team of the same caliber as they are.

So, the story will most likely be the same for most nights from now till October.  Get used to it.  Let's just hope they give us a few gems here and there to keep things interesting.