Diamondbacks News

All Signs Point to Being Rocked

By Scott Allen

So I hear another series is about to start tonight against the Colorado Rockies, a team the Arizona Diamondbacks split the opening series of the season with 1-1.  The third game was snowed out, or as I like to say, the Dbacks lucked out.  The Rockies, who lead the NL West have been getting good pitching but poor hitting.  Tonight Joe Saunders takes the mound for the Dbacks against, well, does it matter?

The Rockies may be leading the NL West, but that's no big deal really.  That's like saying the Arizona State Sun Devils are the best college team in Phoenix. The entire NL West has 15 losses or more.

Back to Joe Saunders, here is a guy that had an ERA of 12.46 in Spring Training.  He's at least cut it in half, barely at 5.93 through his first five starts.  I'll be honest though, I'd have a better time watching grass grow than watching Saunders pitch.  However, I will muddle through nonetheless.  After all, there is more than Joe Saunders out there and I get a chance to watch a bunch of hits and runs.

Prediction time.  I say Colorado wins 14-3.  Ok, Colorado has had a hard time hitting lately, so I'll give Saunders the benefit of the doubt.  11-3 Rockies I say.