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Dbacks First Month Surprises and Disappointments

By Scott Allen

So, who are the offensive stars so far for the Arizona Diamondbacks? What has stood out?  The team is 12-15, so not a lot has gone right, but at times, things have gone right.  We are one month into the season.  Let's recap what we know so far.

Biggest Surprise Hitter?

Ryan Roberts.  Here is a guy who hit .509 in spring and has carried his success into the regular season.  Coming into tonight against the Colorado Rockies, he is hitting .328 with 6 HR and 16 RBI.  Now all of a sudden a guy who was thought to not even make the team when spring started is now having words like All-Star associated with him.

Biggest Disappointment - Hitter?

Tough one, but I will say Kelly Johnson.  He has failed to live up to his 2010 season in most fashions.  Hitting .175 with an OBP of .261 and only has 6 RBI playing almost every day is not going to get it done.  I would expect to see more of Ryan Roberts at second when Willie Bloomquist returns.

Biggest Surprise Pitcher?

David Hernandez - ERA of 2.03.  He had a 0.00 ERA through his first nine appearances.  He has struggled a bit in his last five games.

Biggest Disappointment - Pitcher?

Daniel Hudson - He might turn things around and seemed to get out of his first inning funk the other day against the Cubs, but a 5.30 ERA is not what we expected after what he did last season.  There are guys with worse ERA's than Hudson, but I expected much of that.