Diamondbacks News

Nothing Right About Enwrong Tonight

By Scott Allen

Ok, so the title of this post was a tweet I sent out earlier this evening.  A Twitter follower of mine suggested it as a title, so I figured, it sounded like a good idea because the truth is nothing went right for Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Barry Enright this evening in a 6-4 loss to the Colorado Rockies.  Sure, he hit his first career homer, which excited us for like a second.  Then he went back to the mound and exploded, giving up six runs in five innings.

The Dbacks really never got started, having a tough time till the ninth inning when things got interesting.  The Dbacks, which have been praised for fighting even in games they were losing, really never looked like they had the fight tonight until that ninth inning when their backs were to the wall.  Even Juan Miranda’s ninth inning solo shot failed to get any hurrah out of me until they strung a walk and a couple of hits together after that.  In the end Kelly Johnson’s last swing looked much like his performance has been all season….umm less than good.  Let’s just leave it at that.

Point in case of what I am talking about was when Justin Upton mis-played a fly ball in the right field corner.  He then retrieved the ball and threw it to Kelly Johnson, his cut-off man.  Johnson had a shot to make a play at the plate but ate the ball.  Quite an interesting overall set of events.  Either way, it made for a less than exciting game overall for the 10 people left in the stands when the game ended.

Tomorrow, the two teams will meet up once again.  Maybe at least 100 will still be around when that one ends.  Good chance with Ian Kennedy on the mound.